Riding Cooler - Scooter – Motorized Cooler - 300 watt

The amazing motorized cooler from RidingCoolers.com is an electric powered riding cooler that can be used indoors and out. The Cooler Scooter is light weight and can be transported in your trunk or back seat of most vehicles. Looking to make a splash at the next party or tailgate? Look no further than the amazing motorized cooler from RidingCoolers.com. All models are available in 3 colors of red, blue or black. Need additional cooler capacity? No worries, with the attachable cooler trailer, you can increase the amount of beverage you need. The 500 and 1000 watt models are great for longer range and increased capacity!

ModelModel# 52-300XE
Power 300 Watt Electric
Weight 80 pounds with battery
Cargo Capacity 24-12oz cans and 8# ice
Speed Up to 13 MPH
Range Up to 15 miles
Rider Capacity 200 pounds
Size 24” L x 17” W x 18” H
Box Size 28” L x 17” W x 19” H
Color Options Red, Blue, Black
Retractable Foot Pegs Yes

Golf Bag Not Included

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Riding Cooler - Scooter – Motorized Cooler - 300 watt is available

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