Trust & Safety

Review Profiles

Whether you are listing or renting an item, review the profiles of other users. User ratings and feedback are a great way to get to know someone and how their past exchanges have gone.

Review listings in detail

Owners are required to provide accurate details and photos in their listing. Stock photos are not allowed. Be sure to review all photos and information in detail. If something doesn’t seem accurate, reach out to the owner using ALLAKAZAM to ask questions or, when in doubt, feel free to reach out to the ALLAKAZAM Support Team.

Be specific

Successful relationships are based upon mutual trust. When listing an item be as specific as possible when describing the item. Be transparent about the condition of the item  and any damage the item may have experienced. Be sure to provide accurate pictures that truly show the condition and features of an item. Do not use stock photos from the internet.


Communicating with users outside of the ALLAKAZAM messaging feature increases your risk of exposure to fraud. Leveraging the application for messaging protects your personal contact information and allows the ALLAKAZAM team to provide additional support to you with your transactions.


When meeting other users be mindful of where you agree to meet. ItIs4Rent highly encourages users to meet in a public location. Many local police stations offer their parking lots as a safe "swap" location. Retail shopping malls where there is ample lighting and security are also a great option. Never meet someone at a personal residence.

Golden Rule

ItIs4Rent is about building a community. Please help ALLAKAZAM by being respectful to other members in all interactions. If, at any time, you are having a challenge with another user, please reach out to the ALLAKAZAM Support Team. We are happy to help in any way that we can!